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Anatomy Of Body Building



In this post you will learn a few of the basics of body building. Before launching into the world of body building you must know that there are specific areas of the body where muscles are located and there are best practices to maximize the effectiveness of your effort.

Before we begin, get a mirror and take a very good look at your body structure to locate the possible areas where muscles are located.

This is one great way to achieve results, when you are able to pin point the area of your body where there are located it becomes your advantage to easily know how your effort are working for you.

Identify The Muscles Area

Beginning from your neck are two main muscles you have to focus you body building on which are the two muscles on your upper body to focus your efforts. 

The upper trapezius which ran down the back of your neck around the neck to shoulder area and the levator Scapulae that meets the cervical vertebrate running through to the first six cervical vertebrate.

There is also the deltoid muscles located in your shoulder as well as the anterior delt in your front shoulder while the middle delt is located running down the back of your shoulder.

Just below the anterior delt visible from the view point of an outstretched armpit rests the rotatory cuff muscles.

There are quite a few distinctive muscles in you forearm. Pectorals Muscles are those muscles in your chest. Triceps’ muscles are located in your arms running through to your elbow region while biceps muscles are inside the arm.

The muscles located in the abdominal region are referred to as "Abs" for short form, is derived from the word abdominal.

There are also some muscles in your legs like the quadriceps in front of the quads, and those located in the upper back is the hamstring as well as the one in the lower leg region or calf bone.

Work The Muscles Up

For a satisfying result in your body building journey you have to exercise zero negligence for any of your body  muscles, body building comes out beautiful when the muscles are built to match each other. 

Consider taking the gluts (buttocks) muscles, lats which is the upper back muscles and the trap muscles in the lower back region.

You can’t possible achieving a satisfying result in body building without knowing your anatomy which is necessary for a good result. I don’t know about you but i hate shapeless body building. 

You can concentrate and focus your workout to those areas in your anatomy structure only if you know your anatomy in the first place.  

With knowledge of the human anatomy you can structure out an outline of the muscles you want to work to give you your best result. Knowing where these muscles are located in the body is the first key to a successful body building program.

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